Meet Our Team

Vik - Otherwise known as Mrs Flinstone

Owner operator extraordinaire, Vik is a fully qualified chef.  She's creative, passionate, caring, direct, fun and is a lover of music.  She has opened 5 restaurants, been head chef in 8 including running Lake Taupo Lodge and The Terraces (now Hilton Lake Taupo).  She has 3 kids, 3 grandchildren (& another on the way!)  and has been with Granty for 13 years. 



Grant/Granty/The Silver Fox

Owner Operator; the balance to Vik; think ying and yang, figures orientated, builder by trade, always prepared to get his hands dirty, reliable, solid, relationship based, caring, very dry sense of humour & just a little bit cheeky, doesn’t like a glass of red, would rather have a cuppa in a big mug. He is the rock! Solid.

Scotty - Head Chef

Married to JoJo (not that that defines him!), Scotty has been our main day chef for the last 3 years.  He is the master of all things breakfast and loves providing the Front of House team with a silver bowl of joy aka hot chips & aioli!   Passionate and dedicated, he cools off with a refreshing Lakeman Pale Ale