VERY exciting news!

Time flies when you are having fun! 

Christmas is approaching fast and since our last blog, so much has happened that I hardly know where to start!

Keeping it brief is no doubt a good thing (!!) and so without further ado, we will make our big announcement – we have a new nighttime chef!!  I can’t mention any names just yet (otherwise where would the fun be!) but they start on Monday 15th December and it is going to be GOOD.  This chef comes to us with an impeccable background in food and hospitality both here in Taupo and down in Wellington and we are very excited to have them come on board.  They are family and lifestyle orientated just like Vik, Grant and the Victoria’s team so watch this space for something special…..

Feedback on both the new interior and food has been taken on board – the horses heads have been named (thanks to everyone who has partaken in our Facebook competition), Gramps has been commissioned for some more of his gorgeous artwork and macaroni cheese is back in the cabinet.  Phew!

Cycle Challenge is upon next weekend – we have extended Saturday hours from 6am and are right in the thick of all the action; get in early to secure the best viewing spots!

Here’s hoping that summer is just around the corner!


Posted: Friday 21 November 2014