Sierra Taupo becomes Victoria's - the story of the great refurb!

Victoria’s first blog!

Well, the time has come to take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard (so to speak) and put down in writing what has been going on at Victoria’s, formerly known as Sierra Cafe. As some of you will already know, the actual cafe has been closed for a couple of weeks whilst we undergo an extensive refurbishment. A new name, a new look, new opening hours and a new(ish) day menu with a whole new after 6 menu, BUT, the same owners and same great team to bring you an experience that you will want to repeat....again and again and again!

Firstly, a BIG HUGE thanks to the team; not just the amazing staff who have supported the change wholeheartedly but also to all of the contractors and businesses who have made this new start happen. To name a few: Bevan from Coffee ...., Sid the builder and his crew, Declan with his Irish tan/floor polisher, Tracey from Decor Design, our suppliers (who are too many to mention here but you know who you are), the family members and our friends plus the continuing support of our loyal customers. Taupo and its community really does shine.

We closed doors on September 7th at the end of Father’s Day trading. By the time our intrepid traveller manager Beth arrived back on Monday morning, the place was stripped bare and the floor was getting sanded... dust everywhere!! The builders came in and started the bar build plus the new ‘sound proofing’ wall from the kitchen hatch which will enable Victoria’s to be less noisy than when it was Sierra. Behind the scenes, the team were working frantically to get staff training and rosters, sales and marketing, wine lists, media, cocktails, menus, you name it, on schedule.

Meanwhile, Vik and Grant, our owners, were up ladders painting, washing down walls, scrapping floors, organising tradesman, managing the budget, heading in to meetings and generally holding the whole thing together! Think duck on water – calm as anything on the outside, legs peddaling frantically underneath!

Needless to say, we are NEARLY there. On schedule, as promised, with a want to deliver to our loyal regulars and new people who want to come and check us out.

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Posted: Monday 15 September 2014